Five Year Finale: Marble Toss

“I just let go. And I feel exposed but it’s so beautiful ’cause this is who I am.” ~ Plumb “Lord I’m Ready Now” I’ve written a few posts about the jar of marbles that Tony gave me as part of our engagement. We were to throw a marble away on every anniversary to symbolize … Read More

Prizes…and a bag of marbles…

I just put up my vacuum cleaner after stepping over it for several days, right smack in the middle of my bedroom. You’re probably thinking, “well, whoopee do, Melissa, glad you can clean up after yourself” (which actually would have been a major feat this time a year ago). I was slow to put it … Read More

A marble in the ocean

I’m a little behind on some of my blog posts. Some have been sitting as half-finished drafts for months now.   Blame it on lack of inspiration, blame it on busyness, blame it on grief that literally exhausts me often, if not constantly, oh and blame it on my super cute new puppy (more on … Read More

A year of love in a marble…

April 26, 2008, was by far one of the most beautiful and happiest days of my life. I recall waking up with butterflies in my stomach, in great anticipation for the day I would give my heart to Antony Strader Edge, “until Christ calls me home to be with Him,” as we said in our … Read More