My Best Question For Every Season

I’m just a tad bit excited about fall. I even kicked it off a couple weeks ago with a trip to the North Georgia Fair with some really fun friends.

It’s not every day you can stuff yourself with chicken on a stick, french fries, cotton candy and call it dinner, all the while filling up on the scent of funnel cake and everything fried under the sun.

Gosh I love a good fall fair. I love fall. I love the things you can uniquely do in this season: college football watchin’, apple pickin’, boot wearin’, pumpkin everything eatin’.

You just can’t do those things any other time of the year. Well, all except the boots. I wore boots in 90 degree weather this July. Judge me all you want.

That does bring me to one of my favorite questions, what I like to call my best question for every season:

What can I uniquely do in this season?

Of course it easily applies to the four seasons of the year. But it goes beyond that. It applies to seasons of life too.

So I ask myself: What can I do in my unique season of life? Right now, what can I uniquely do while it’s just me, single again?

I love this question because it keeps me looking to the positive aspects of the season I’m in. It keeps me grateful for the unique things I’m able to do now. It also reminds me that seasons are temporary. I can often go down that defeated path of “this is how my life will always be.” Everything has a season. I may think I am in a very loooong season, I might not get to pick or predict the beginning and end points. But seasons eventually do change.

Another great question to follow is:

What is God uniquely calling me to in this season?

This question causes me to open up my hands (sometimes so tightly gripped on my life) and to relinquish control to my Heavenly Father. It sharpens my confident trust that He has something for me now, not if or when my season changes. He wants to work in me and through me in this season.

It helps me to not wish this season away. It frees me to be present right where I am, constantly leaning into Him for guidance and direction. It also keeps me hopeful for the next season because I know this season…

…is not forever, it’s just for now.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” ~ Ecclesiastes 3:1 NIV

Dearly loved, in every season,

2 thoughts on “My Best Question For Every Season

  1. Pepper Helms

    Thank you so much for this. That is what I keep getting caught up in — wishing this time away. Wanting things to go back or move forward and not taking advantage of this time of singleness. It’s not something I’m familiar with or like, but I’m learning to embrace it and use it for God’s glory – to be a babysitter to tired mamas with babies, to invest time with my 12 yr old daughter, wholly committed to her when I’m not working, and serving the Lord in through church ventures. So glad I found you and this support venue!

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