11 Lessons Learned From My Dog

Happy National Dog Day! I know, there’s a national day for pretty much everything. But this one stands out because my  world revolves around a furry 7 pounder that stole my heart 3 years ago.

So as a tribute to Ralphy Edge, here’s 11 things I’ve learned from my dog over the last few years (and a good excuse to pack a whole lot of her pics into a blog post.) Enjoy!

Warm greeting

Always be ready with a warm greeting for those you love.

safe place

Relax! There’s always time for a puppy nap (or two or three).

dig in

Don’t give up. Dig until you find what you’re looking for.

smile sneakers

Find yourself  “stuck” in an awkward situation? Put on a smile anyway.

lifelong friends

Treasure your lifelong friends!

work too hard

Stop working all the time! Unplug and play!


Give yourself a little extra grace on “grumpy” days.

take self too seriously

Don’t take yourself too seriously.

treasure meal time

Treasure meals around the table with family and friends.

step out of your comfort zone

Sometimes you just have to face things way bigger than you.

Enjoy the ride

See life as a great adventure…enjoy the ride.

And that, my friends are life lessons I’ve gleamed from Ralphy.

Dearly loved, dog lover,


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