A Page is Turned…

“There comes a time when you must quit talking to God about the mountain in your life and start talking to the mountain about God.” – Mark Batterson, author of The Circle Maker

“Melissa, how are you these days?” That’s the most common question I’m getting recently. So much so that I thought I’d just make it the subject of my latest post.

This quote above sums it up so well. So very well.

I came across it this summer as I furiously read the book I quoted above. It’s timing was perfect.

I can honestly say… it’s a new day, a new season. A page has been turned in my story.

And the theme surrounding it’s fresh, new chapter is … freedom.
I have never felt more free in my entire life.
Only Jesus.

He’s orchestrated pivotal circumstances over the last 6 months that have led to this freedom. I am so in awe. I am so incredibly grateful. It brings tears to my eyes to just think about how faithful my great God is. He is IT for me. He is IT.

As I’ve written before, I’ve had many a conversation with my God as I drive down I-85 South from my parents’ house. I know the exact point when Stone Mountain is in clear sight. My drives over the last few months have been at either sunset or sunrise. The sky around the mountain is stunning. Just stunning.

Since passing the 3 year mark of Tony’s death this past March, I’ve noticed a shift in my words, my very attitude. I used to assume the role of victim to the mountain that was so instrumental in shattering my very life; I was quite honest in telling the Lord how I felt about it. Some days I wished an earthquake would just swallow it up.


Now I find myself in a posture of gratitude. I look at that mountain and can’t help but tell it about my God. My very personal, gentle, healer God, who has never once abandoned me on this very hard journey. My great God who continues to restore me and my very life.

I am redeemed.
I’ve been set free.
I am dearly loved by the Creator of the Universe.

I am overwhelmed by what He has done and will do in my life. That’s how I’m doing these days.

Dearly loved, talkin’ to that mountain,

One thought on “A Page is Turned…

  1. WOAW! Amazing Melissa. I will always admire your strenght, courage and love for our God. How you have let His healing hands do the work and gave Him all your faith; believing all will be all right.

    I keep your story in my heart and hope when I do make it for a visit to The States, to get a chance to see you. It’s just wonderful seeing you grow and moving on, my friend.

    By the way, absolutely love that picture of yours. You look esthatic!

    Love Always & Forever my Brenau Friend & Bailey 1st Hall Mate

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