Eyes Wide Open

About a year ago, I made the decision that I was going to go back to wearing contacts. It’s been over a decade since I’ve started wearing glasses consistently. I remember that fateful day in the ophthamologist’s office when he looked me square in the eye and said, “I’m sorry, but contacts are no longer for you.” Turns out that my eyes didn’t produce enough tears to keep my lenses clean in my eyes. I could say the last 2 years’ circumstances have fixed that lil’ problem, eh?

Actually medical advancements have helped my cause; there’s finally contacts moist enough to not make me wanna rip my eyeballs out after 30 minutes of wear. So, I purchased a year’s supply determined that glasses were my “so last decade” look.

I popped those contacts in and it’s as if my eyes grew two inches. I could see on all sides; it was a clear view. I’ve worn glasses for so long that I don’t know what it’s like to have a peripheral view. My eyes were wide open.

Wide open.

I was nervous to sport my “new look” around a lot of folks. I finally worked up the courage to wear them to the office; it was a test to see if my face without glasses would make a good impression. The first comment I received was “hmm, you look different.”

Different? Okay, at least it wasn’t “ugly” but it might as well have been. That’s the last day I wore my contacts to work!

Perhaps I’m being a little dramatic. (Though I’m pretty sure I speak for most women in saying we don’t like to be told we look different.) But this very story relates so much to what I’ve been wrestling with over the time since my last blog post.

About once a week lately, I’ve had what I call an “ugly” day. These are days when I wake up with what feels like the weight of the world on my shoulders. I’m tired of my current life circumstances, I’m sad, I can’t see my future so I might as well picture it as bleak.  I’m not my typical fun-loving self. It’s my very own pity party. It’s a day when I wake up, put on dirty glasses and view the world through them. All I can see is the grit, all I can see is ugly.


I was asked by a friend on one of these aforementioned days just what exactly gets me through the day. What changes my view? I thought for a minute, then spouted things out like chocolate, retail therapy, a text to a friend, a nap, cuddle time with Ralphy. Certainly those things perk me up, even for just a bit. Then, I realized what was coming out of my mouth was nothing that was sustaining, nothing that could transform that ugly view and wipe those lenses clean.

What I need instead is the One who can remove those glasses all together. I need my Healer who can allow my eyes to be wide open, with nothing in the way. I need my God to break the chains of my distorted, limited view.

My favorite song over the last couple months has been NeedtoBreathe’s “Keep Your Eyes Open.” I love these lyrics:

Just past the circumstance, the first light a second chance
No child could ever dance the way you do oh
Tear down the prison walls, don’t stop the curtain calls
Your chains will never fall until you do

‘Cus if you never leave home, never let go
You’ll never make it to the great unknown
Till you keep your eyes… open my love

I’ve become quite accustomed to my glasses; I feel quite “at home” in them. Some days they are dirtier, uglier than others. Some days I can use my shirt and get them fairly clean. But it only takes a few tear drops to make them smudged and dirty again.

Ugly days.

God continues to call me to renew my mind, to surrender my “chains,” to open wide my eyes to the “great unknown” He has for me. Sure, I don’t know what that unknown will look like, but I can rest in knowing it is certainly not “ugly.”

And in the meantime, perhaps I will just bust out those contacts again. Just please don’t tell me I look “different!”

Dearly loved,

3 thoughts on “Eyes Wide Open

  1. Melissa,
    Great blog, and I love the analogy of “Eyes Wide Open”! You are stunning though, with or without your glasses. In fact, I can go on and add to that- I think it’s your SMILE that makes you one of the most lovely ladies I know! You have this way of sparkling through your eyes when you smile. So much so, that I would never know you’re having a tough day most of the time because you smile through those a lot too. 🙂 You’re an inspiration to me, and to many! Love you beautiful lady!

  2. Melissa, Thank you for sharing. Thank you for being so real and honest. Every time I read your post I am blown away and challenged by you. Thank you!! Love, Ginger Thompson (Karen Henry’s friend)

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