On Turning 32…

So I wrote the first half of this blog post the week before my birthday, but I’m just getting around to publishing. I can’t help but laugh as I reflect on what actually happened in the days that followed…

Jan. 16, 2012:

It’s 6 days before my birthday. I’ll be turning 32.

I know, I know, 32 is so young. It’s not that I have anything against this age or any age I turn…I mean, I might as well embrace each year…there’s no turning back.

Yet, 32, it’s bothering me. I’m weepy. I feel unsettled. I’m dreading it a bit.

Life is not as it should be at 32. It’s just not.

And I know there are countless others who can relate to that very statement, whatever age they are.

Life is just not as it should be. It’s just not.

I often wonder if God looks over His earth, His people, His creation with that very same thought. Life is not as it should be. I mean, He created this beyond amazing earth for Him to commune with us, to walk intimately among us.

And it’s all been tainted by generations and generations of sin. This was not His original plan.

He knew before He created the world that His Master Plan, His Plan A, would be thwarted.

So He created a redemptive, yet beautiful Plan B in sending His Son Jesus to make atonement for our sin at the cross.

At the cross.
Redemption. Restoration. Hope.

I am so incredibly grateful that God gave us all a second chance, a chance to start over, to be born again, clean, forgiven, a new creation.

My prayer as I enter into another year of life is that I will keep the cross ever present in my heart, in my mind. I pray that as I look at it as God’s Perfect Plan B, I will see beauty in my own life, my own Plan B.

January 25, 2012:
On January 21, the night before my birthday, came a test of those very words. Just when I thought I had overcome my “32 pity party” by enjoying a fun birthday celebration with my closest friends, life was interrupted by a Plan B once again.

On our way to my annual Korean Karaoke tradition, I was in the front seat of my friend’s car as we crashed into a dead-stopped car in the center lane of I-85. As we braced ourselves for the unavoidable, I thought in that instance, “well, here goes Plan B.”

God protected us and the folks in the other car that night with the help of seat belts and air bags. Of course, I was sad that my birthday plans didn’t turned out how I had hoped. But as scary as it was and as unfortunate for my friend totaling her car, I saw glimpses of beauty.

I saw all of my sweet friends, friends who were the first to arrive at the mountain the night Tony was missing, friends who have stuck close by my side in the aftermath of Tony’s death and friends who God has so perfectly brought into my “new normal” life in the past year, now standing with me on the side of the interstate. I saw them huddled in a circle praying for everyone involved. I saw relief and hope in their eyes, as we acknowledged that this Plan B could have been so much worse, as we thanked our God for the ability to walk away from the crash and thanked Him for His precious gift of life.

And after a couple hours at the hospital, the 4 of us involved in the accident were even able to muster up a smile as we rang in my actual birthday waiting on our pain medicine prescriptions at the pharmacy. The rest of my birthday was most certainly a blur!

32. I never imaged it would begin with such an unexpected bang. Still, as I had originally written at the end of my post above: “I will choose to trust God; I will choose to not give up. I will choose to keep walking.”

Dearly loved, at 32,

3 thoughts on “On Turning 32…

  1. MK

    Your honesty always brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for being brave enough to share your heart. I can r elate to not feeling like my life is where I feel it should be at the age I am but I find peace in knowing those feelings are shared.
    I am thankful for amazingly supportive ladies in my life.

  2. Melissa–I am a very old (really!) High School friend of yur father’s and also know your aunt eiz. and uncle dennis well. Your dad has aways “gone on” about you, every time I see him. (which is not enough!) Somehow, just seeing him brings peace into my heart. I so know what you mean about “its not supposed to be this way” but the earth goes on, and somehow, there is some good learned in every moment. You are so blessed to have the ability to see the greater picture in life and celebrate even a moment of happiness.

    I wish for you and send you blessings of [peace, hope,and that this coming triparound the sun will be for you a majical one. Much love, and to your folks, too—jeani williamson jessen

  3. Joy

    I love you! God has big, BIG plans for your life! The future is very bright! (I really hope that didn’t sound too much like a fortune cookie?!)

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